Why we travelled to Suriname in South America

We were in for a holiday, and decided to make it a useful one...

Our seven day roadtrip through Suriname in South America
...So we opted for a roadtrip through Suriname at the outskirts of the Amazone in South America. For this roadtrip, we could have easily narrated a story about what is wrong with natural resource management in Suriname. We choose otherwise and instead documented the stories of ordinary people and their extra-ordinary engagement with nature. As development experts we are familiar with the dynamics and complexities of environmental and economic issues. We wanted to engage with people who face the challenge of earning a living, while respecting their natural habitat. How do they value wildlife, the forest and rivers? What is their vision on the environment and how does it affect the way they think about themselves, society and their culture? Why Suriname? Because Jennifer was born there, but more importantly because it is at the outskirts of the Amazone, has a uniquely diverse population and could probably narrate a story you would not hear elsewhere. We hope that our road trip helped exchange cross-learnings among the communities we visited and that our blog is a modest contribution to the success of their sustainable development endeavors. We encourage you all out there to follow into our footsteps and go discover these wonderful places and people.

Jennifer Baarn and Brindusa Fidanza

Suriname...where is it??